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Introduction to Our Services and Philosophy

Professional Installation, Knowledgeable Sales and Maintenance

Most fireplace venders are just that, venders. Rarely can they handle anything after the sale. They rely on outside sources to layout and install. We find it hard to comprehend how they can handle any issues that may arise and require warranty when they are not the professional installer. They live and die by a customer that wants to handle everything on their own.

Customer Focus from a Highly Trained Staff

At Home and Hearth Outfitters, we believe in keeping everything in house. We are the only fireplace company in Denver that has the ability to do this. We believe we that we can take care of you, the customer, by not out sourcing to something we have little control over. By doing this, we let the customer focus on what is important, the look of their hearth scape. From your first meeting with our professional sales staff, to a thorough site inspection and layout, and ending with professional installation and project completion, we will be there, every step of the way.

Fireplace Conversion

Gas fireplace conversions helps to improve the efficiency and atmosphere of an existing outdated fireplace model. There are many benefits of updating to new gas fireplace or converting an existing wood burning one into a gas fireplace. Our team of experienced fireplace installers can help you to take advantage of the benefits in terms of saving energy, saving money, and adding to the quality and value of a home. Call us or stop by our showrooms today for more information. Home and Hearth Outfitters team of trained professionals and provide full consultation and installation on all gas fireplace conversions.