Ortal has a nearly invisible solution to fireplace safety requirements

In 2015, new safety mandates were put into place that require all glass walled gas fireplaces to have an added safety feature to keep people from being burned by the superheated glass. A barrier held away from the glass is now mandatory and this outer most wall cannot exceed a temperature of 172 degrees Fahrenheit. While 172 degrees is still hot, it’s much cooler than the 500 degrees that the surface of a gas fireplace can reach. This new safety feature is particularly important in homes with children or pets, who may be lulled into a false sense of security because the fire is fully encased.

Ortal created double glass panes for an elegant solution

In many glass-walled fireplaces, this new barrier is a mesh screen secured in front of the glass. Though many of these screens are very fine mesh and not extremely visible, they do still effect the transparency of a clear glass fireplace. If nothing else, your otherwise crystal clear view of the fire (a benefit of having a gas fireplace that doesn’t produce smoke) may look somewhat cloudy or hazy.

For those seeking an alternative to screens, Ortal offers a unique and truly innovative safety feature that doesn’t compromise design appeal. Their proprietary double pane glass design uses a second piece of clear glass in place of a mesh barrier.

People who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for safety should consider Ortal’s double glass heat barrier option. Ortal is one of the only gas fireplace manufacturers offering a heat barrier safety feature that isn’t a visible mesh screen.

Ortal’s double glass design allows a layer of cooling air to actively circulate between the panes. Air enters the fireplace facing through a vent near the floor and is cooled by a small hidden fan as it’s blown upward between the panes. This creates a cooling effect that lowers the temperature of the outer glass to an acceptable level that meets the new regulations. The fans are nearly silent so they don’t add much noticeable ambient noise.

Marquis Majestic Traditional Gas FireplaceMeanwhile, the heat produced by the fireplace isn’t lost. The warm air created within the fireplace naturally moves upwards and is released through a top vent for efficient and effective warming.

Ortal’s glass fireplaces tend toward modern and contemporary designs, with seamless glass displays. The double glass heat barrier allows the company to maintain that fundamental look and is available to fit many of Ortal’s gas fireplace models. Plus, the outer glass wall can be cleaned quickly and easily, without getting cleaner stuck in fine mesh.

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