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Gas Fireplace Service and Repair

Call our service department at (303) 722-6698 today with questions on problems with your fireplace or wood stove.

Fireplace Repair

Fireplace repairs are unfortunately a necessary part that arises with the ownership of wood and gas fireplaces. To help ease this challenge, Home and Hearth Outfitters offers you unparalleled service and repair for all manner of fireplaces. At Home and Health Outfitters, our team of NFI certified repair professionals are experts in the service and repair of fireplaces and can quickly get your problems taken care of. Our technicians are trained to perform all the aspects of gas fireplace repairs, gas fireplace maintenance, and anything else you may need, we are the one stop source for gas fireplace service in Denver and the Vail Valley.

Call us today and we can quickly dispatch a team to resolve your fireplace problems.

Trusted Fireplace Repair and Maintenance

NFI certified and trusted repair professionals, Home and Hearth Outfitters provides gas fireplace service and fireplace insert repair to Denver, Summit County, Vail Valley, and the surrounding areas. Our Fireplace stores are located in Denver and Vail Valley and we service all surrounding communities.

Gas fireplace repair is not something the laymen should attempt. Consider the following reasons to seek professional service:

  • Gas leaks are extremely dangerous - As many people know, gas is volatile: misuse of it can lead to damage of home and self. In some cases, inexperience in working with gas can lead to tragedy. For this reason, a novice or someone who lacks experience in the area should not attempt gas fireplace repair. Instead, this type of service should be reserved for professionals. Our team of professionals are trained to know exactly what they are doing and hold safety as the utmost importance.
  • Gas fireplaces have components which can be damaged - Gas fireplace can be easily broken or damaged if the person repairing them is not sure of what he or she is doing. Oftentimes, laymen or laywomen will clean the fireplace and unwittingly get dirt in vital areas and orifices. This can lead to more damage and also create damage that was not previously there. Gas fireplace repairs performed by professionals, conversely, are done in a manner that understands the fragility of gas fireplaces and carefully acts to work around it.
  • Gas can leak out of damaged fireplaces - Gas fireplace repair, when done improperly, can result in a natural gas leak. If this happens, your house becomes immediately in danger of risk of fire and possible explosion. Those who are professionally trained in gas fireplace repairs understand these risks and know how to carefully and thoroughly avoid them.

Call our service department at (303) 722-6698 today with questions on problems with your fireplace or wood stove.